Everyone Included™ | Medicine X 2016 Conference Verification


Everyone Included™ Verified

Please help us verify that this Everyone Included™ conference has fulfilled their commitment to patient partnership and diverse stakeholder engagement at their event. You can choose to keep your identity anonymous.
  • This information is being collected by Symplur, an independent third party from the conference organizer and we are the sole verifier of this event's Everyone Included pledges.
  • About the Conference

  • Event Name: Stanford Medicine X
    Dates: Sept 16-18, 2016

    License Type: Tier 4 - Integration

    The conference organizer has provided an EI™ conference verification information (click here) that you may use in completing this verification.

  • Contact Information

    Please note that if you select Anonymous, we will not share any of your identity information with the conference organizer. We will need to collect your information so that we may contact you about your verification statement.
  • Engagement

  • Co-design with Patients

  • Accommodation of Needs

  • Educational and Mentorship

  • Interprofessional Involvement

  • Patient/Participant Partnership in Research

  • Final Questions