Everyone Included™ creates a culture where everyone is trusted and respected
for the expertise they bring to the future of health care

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Everyone Included™.

What is Everyone Included™?

Everyone Included™ is a framework for healthcare innovation, implementation and transformation based on principles of mutual respect and inclusivity. It is the culmination of six years of co-creation with patients, caregivers, providers, technologists, and researchers at Stanford Medicine X that has resulted in a series of design and leadership principles intended to drive collaborative healthcare innovation efforts. Our work has been field tested and iteratively improved over the past six years at our Stanford programs and convenings worldwide.

Who developed Everyone Included™?

Everyone Included™ is a living document and framework for thinking and working that is continually co-created by a diverse representation of all healthcare stakeholders. It was borne from the work of the Stanford Medicine X program, under the direction of Dr. Larry Chu and co-leadership of the Medicine X executive board members Jamia Crockett, Nick Dawson, Gilles Frydman, Sarah Kucharski, Britt Johnson, and Christopher Snider.

Where has Everyone Included™ been successfully implemented?

Everyone Included™ has been successfully implemented and/or been used as a framework for healthcare transformation around the world, including:

  • Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Center
  • Non-profit organizations such as Emily’s Entourage
  • Successful digital health entrepreneurs who are bringing transformative solutions to market such as 11health and Enara health.

We will continue to share stories of Everyone Included™ success in the case studies section of this website.

Why does Everyone Included™ have a "™"?

Our goal in creating Everyone Included™ is to codify design and leadership principles developed by our diverse Medicine X stakeholder community into a framework for mutual respect and inclusivity as drivers of healthcare transformation and innovation.

By applying the “™” to Everyone Included™, we are signifying our intention to provide stewardship for the use of this term to represent the genuine meaning and intent of our vision, co-design and leadership principles as defined here on our website. This trademark is not meant to monetize Everyone Included™, but rather to protect its use from being co-opted or used for profit by others.

Everyone Included™ has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Stanford University. Stanford University is a non-profit educational institution based in the United States.

When was Everyone Included™ created?

The foundational work upon which Everyone Included™ is based began in 2010, sparked by conversations Larry Chu initiated with Kevin Clauson, Susannah Fox, Alan Greene and Amy Tenderich to include patients in speaking and co-designing a panel at the first conference he organized on emerging technology and medicine at Stanford in 2011. Further collaboration and co-design with ePatients Hugo Campos, Sarah Kucharski and others lead to the genesis of the Stanford Medicine X program the following year.

In the subsequent six years, lessons learned from co-design and leadership of diverse stakeholder groups to work collaboratively together have resulted in the Everyone Included™ co-design and leadership principles presented on this website.

  • Larry Chu, MDProfessor, Stanford University, Executive Director, Medicine X

    "Everyone Included™ is a disruptive force in health care that combines unique expertise from all stakeholders to drive innovation and change through openness and experimentation. It’s a model that encourages everyone to be health care rebels in an attempt to transform health care for the better."

  • Nick Dawson, MHAExecutive Director of Innovation, Johns Hopkins Sibley Hospital

    "For us, everyone included™ is not just an operating model. It is a philosophy. It’s how we approach co-creating anything new."

  • Emily Kramer-GolinkoffFounder, Emily's Entourage and White House Presidential Champion of Change

    "The Everyone Included™ model represents a new standard of human rights and vision for progress that not only reflects a moral imperative to allow patients to participate in their health care as active, capable, and essential agents, but also addresses the looming economic issues caused by our current health care system."

  • Michael SeresFounder, 11health

    "For me it is simple. As a patient of over 30 years healthcare is about relationships and it only works when everyone’s included. At the heart of everything everyone who is involved in every decision needs to be in the room."

  • Christopher SniderAssociate Editor, Quantified Self

    "Everyone Included™ creates a new expectation for collaboration and collective creativity. By having Everyone Included™, questions you never thought to ask in the first place get answered."

  • Pamela Ressler, RNFounder, Stress Resources

    “A culture of health implies that all stakeholders are at the same table, when in reality we are often not even in the same room. Everyone Included™ moves us from simply gathering disparate information and data to sitting at the same table and building a collaboration where our unique perspectives and expertise lead to greater knowledge and wisdom.”

  • Meredith Hurston, MHAJohns Hopkins Hospital

    "Everyone Included™ considers every aspect of humanity in designing solutions to improve the delivery of health care. Socio-economics, gender identity, orientation, race, size, the five senses, spiritual and mental health–all matter."

  • Charlie BlotnerStudent, Arizona State University

    "By including all voices in the conversation about healthcare, the Everyone Included™ model brings together valuable insight and experiences from demographics that might otherwise be disconnected, resulting in better patient-centered care and treatment."

Planting The Seeds of Change – Our Everyone Included™ Vision

Everyone Included™ creates a culture of health in which everyone is trusted and respected for the expertise they bring, where openness and experimentation is the norm, people have personal ownership of health, individual stories have global impact, and the patient voice and choice is a part of all stakeholder decisions.


Our Stanford Medicine X Design Principles

These are the ten Medicine X design principles that nurture our Everyone Included™ work.


Lead as health care rebels. Stand up for what you believe health care should be.


Value each person’s knowledge, experience and skills.


Create an environment that celebrates and encourages “being human”.


Be human-centered in addition to patient-centered.


Promote co-design with patients and health care stakeholders.


Connect stakeholders with aligned interests to facilitate meaningful collaboration and connection.


Treat all people with the dignity they deserve.


Provide a stage from which the hardest, most important stories may be told.


Be beautiful and tasteful by design.


Create magical experiences that surprise and delight your audience.

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Everyone Included™ By the Numbers

Everyone Included™ has made Medicine X the most-discussed health care conference in the world

Stanford Medicine X has changed how health care providers and patients engage with and learn from one another by amplifying the patient voice in academic medicine. Including the patient voice has moved providers beyond knowing how to treat a disease to learning what it is like to live with a disease.

Patients have the most recent voice added to the conversation, but true engagement will require meaningful participation from everyone. Diverse expertise and experiences in a health care team where power is shared in a environment of trust and respect leads to more creative and innovative solutions to health care problems.

Conferences Completed

Million People Reached

Billion Social Media Impress.

ePatient Scholars

Everyone Included™ In Practice

Join us in viewing a few recent videos highlighting the use of Everyone Included™ design and
co-creation principles at Medicine X.

All portions of the healthcare industry lack the voice of the patient and research is no exception.  Learn from patients with years of experience in healthcare research on how to get started and best practices to get the desired outcome for important research topics.

In Episode 7 of Everyone Included, we discuss power dynamics and speaking up for the patient, but first how do we define the problem? What is the root cause for the patient’s needs not being addressed?  Is it simply not being heard?  Watch this and every episode of Everyone Included™

Listen to various experts give their take on adopting a “patient-centered” approach to medical practice.  Included here are doctors, patients and caregivers to help you understand this topic from numerous angles.

Emily Lu, MD moderates a panel discussion of patients who have not waited for industry to solve their problems. Darla Brown, Molly Lindquist and Michael Seres have each designed and developed their own solutions in partnership with others to bring their unique solutions to market as entrepreneurs.

Medicine X student leader Howard Chiou, MD-PhD candidate at Emory University, discusses the problem of culture change in health care. Why is it so hard for us to change health care? How might Everyone Included™ help accelerate the process?

In this 2014 Medicine X special event, our Everyone Included™ vision brought industry, researchers and patients together to explore how to innovate the clinical trial experience to promote partnership and team engagement.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the medical decision-making process fails to adequately serve both patients and providers. How can patients and providers partner more effectively for shared decision making? This 2015 Medicine X event united clinicians, patients, and designers to explore these issues.

Now a signature Everyone Included™ Medicine X special event, the Medicine X | IDEO design challenge brings patients from around the world to the headquarters of the global design firm IDEO to learn co-design and design-thinking as members of a diverse health care team.

In this 2014 design panel, Medicine X paired health care student leaders with ePatient scholars to work together to co-design shared spaces at the conference. ePatient advisor Britt Johnson explains the Everyone Included™ co-design process.

Everyone Included™ Leadership Principles

We believe in respect, not power hierarchies.

We believe in respect, not power hierarchies

This means we recognize and pay respect to the unique expertise individuals bring to the decision-making process and honor that expertise over one’s title or position when making our decisions. Hierarchy is important in all organizations–we just believe linking power with respect isn’t.

Leadership can be flexible

Leaders and leadership can be fluid and flexible. Flexible leaders cultivate change and innovation while helping the team stay true to the organization’s vision and mission. Flexible leaders surround themselves with talented individuals and recognize their leadership by thinking of themselves as the center of a wheel instead of the top of a pyramid.

Diverse teams lead to more creative solutions

Teams that have a hierarchal power structure reach decisions fastest, but diverse teams where individuals are valued and respected for the expertise they bring lead to more creative and innovative solutions. Everyone Included™ leadership seeks to create teams that include diverse representation from all health care stakeholders.

Diversity requires considerate leadership

Considerate leaders think of the collective “we” but also respect, value and acknowledge the unique expertise of the individuals that compose a diverse team. Considerate leadership can help mitigate inherent misconceptions that link power with respect and helps all individuals contribute their fullest potential as a member of a diverse team.

A culture of empathy and consideration creates trust

All stakeholders can bring inherent biases, misconceptions and misperceptions to a diverse team. Create a culture that values understanding other people’s experiences, helps safely uncover and learn from biases, and seeks to embrace differences and vulnerabilities as a collective strength. Create an environment that addresses the physical and emotional well-being of all members of a diverse team.

Conflict can lead to more creative solutions, but reduce its risk

Task conflict can help a team consider alternate viewpoints and lead to more creative solutions. Process and relationship conflicts almost never help a team perform better and can threaten team cohesion and viability. Recognize the value of task conflict but manage process and relationship conflict through considerate leadership.

Everyone Included™ Team Members

We want to take a moment to thank the people who have helped shape our Everyone Included™ design principles over the past five years.

We are grateful for the individuals, too numerous to mention, who have attended Medicine X convenings, provided advice and counsel to guide our design principles and worked with us in true partnership to field test and iteratively improve our Everyone Included™ programs at Medicine X.

Case Studies of Success

These individuals and organizations are achieving success because of Everyone Included™


Expert patients with training in Everyone Included partnership principles