What is Everyone Included™?

Everyone Included™ is a framework for healthcare innovation, implementation and transformation based on principles of mutual respect and inclusivity. It is the culmination of six years of co-creation with patients, caregivers, providers, technologists, and researchers at Stanford Medicine X that has resulted in a series of design and leadership principles intended to drive collaborative healthcare innovation efforts. Our work has been field tested and iteratively improved over the past six years at our Stanford programs and convenings worldwide.

Who developed Everyone Included™?

Everyone Included™ is a living document and framework for thinking and working that is continually co-created by a diverse representation of all healthcare stakeholders. It was borne from the work of the Stanford Medicine X program, under the direction of Dr. Larry Chu and co-leadership of the Medicine X executive board members Jamia Crockett, Nick Dawson, Gilles Frydman, Sarah Kucharski, Britt Johnson, and Christopher Snider.

Where has Everyone Included™ been successfully implemented?

Everyone Included™ has been successfully implemented and/or been used as a framework for healthcare transformation around the world, including:

  • Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Center
  • Non-profit organizations such as Emily’s Entourage
  • Successful digital health entrepreneurs who are bringing transformative solutions to market such as 11health and Enara health.

We will continue to share stories of Everyone Included™ success in the case studies section of this website.

Why does Everyone Included™ have a "™"?

Our goal in creating Everyone Included™ is to codify design and leadership principles developed by our diverse Medicine X stakeholder community into a framework for mutual respect and inclusivity as drivers of healthcare transformation and innovation.

By applying the “™” to Everyone Included™, we are signifying our intention to provide stewardship for the use of this term to represent the genuine meaning and intent of our vision, co-design and leadership principles as defined here on our website. This trademark is not meant to monetize Everyone Included™, but rather to protect its use from being co-opted or used for profit by others.

Everyone Included™ has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Stanford University. Stanford University is a non-profit educational institution based in the United States.

When was Everyone Included™ created?

The foundational work upon which Everyone Included™ is based began in 2010, sparked by conversations Larry Chu initiated with Kevin Clauson, Susannah Fox, Alan Greene and Amy Tenderich to include patients in speaking and co-designing a panel at the first conference he organized on emerging technology and medicine at Stanford in 2011. Further collaboration and co-design with ePatients Hugo Campos, Sarah Kucharski and others lead to the genesis of the Stanford Medicine X program the following year.

In the subsequent six years, lessons learned from co-design and leadership of diverse stakeholder groups to work collaboratively together have resulted in the Everyone Included™ co-design and leadership principles presented on this website.